Growing up, my sister and I had one red and one blue camera that we aimed at our parents and our pets. At age four, I discovered and more or less wore figure skates until I was twenty. As art class took to a photography component in my grade ten year, it was love at first assignment for me. That experience led to years spent in numerous dark rooms with little light and lots of photographic paper. When my skating career came to a close it was to study the photographic arts at the Alberta College of Art and Design. This chapter of my life would solidify what I already knew: I loved photography.

As my continued dedication to photography was increasingly becoming a source of business for me, I created Centric Photography. Since that day I have been pushing my business and myself to create images that express life in a creative and honest way. I have found that in my business as in my life I attract people who are real, set with intention, driven by love and are kind by nature. My photographs are often less about a location and more about the people who were there. I love stripped down imagery that speaks in depth of beauty in a way that is not always obvious and has a subtle quiet voice that is loud with feeling. Perhaps my images speak to you?